English Channel Swim 4.8.13: The stats


The route!!!

Date: Sunday 4th August 2013

Boat: Pathfinder

Pilot: Eric Hartley

Boat crew: Gary Watkins

CSA observer: Keith Oiller

Crew: Jenny Zwijnen, Llyr Hughes, Rachel Crossley, Martin Greenwood

Start time: 8:15am

Start location: Dover marine – Samphire Hoe

Finish time: 10:20pm

Finish location: Sand beach 0.5 mile NW of Wissant

Length of swim: 14 hours and 5 minutes

Distance covered during swim: 31.65 miles / 50,640 metres

High tide: 10:30am at 5.93 metres

Strongest wind: 12 knots

Biggest waves: 3ft and breaking

Water temperature: 16 – 17 degrees

Air temperature: 15 – 21 degrees

Feed times: After the first hour and then every half hour after that, reduced to 20 minutes for the last hour

Longest distance covered in an hour: 3.74 miles / 5,984 metres

Shortest distance covered in an hour: 1.38 miles / 2,204 metres

Reached mid-Channel in: 6 hours and 35 minutes

Support swimmers:  Jenny in for one hour after 7 hours, Llyr in for 30 minutes after 9 hours, Martin in for 30 minutes after 10.5 hours, Rachel in for 30 minutes after 12 hours and Jenny in to finish the swim

Lowest strokes per minute: 54

Highest strokes per minute: 65

Average strokes per minute: 58 – 60

Total number of strokes taken: 50,700

Breathing: Bilateral, 2,3,2,3 until the last hour or so and then to the right