There are several ways you can donate to support me in reaching my fundraising target of £5,000 for Cancer Research UK…

Please visit  

Or text the amount and ELLA84 to 70070. For example: ELLA84 £1 to 70070

Thank you for your support!


4 responses to “Donate

  1. Here’s the deal Smella:

    -£50 now
    -£25 extra if you get across
    -£25 again if you’ve done it solo
    -£50 if you do it under 13 hours (just looked and that’s the average time so seems fair!)

    Total potential sponsorship – £150

    Now get swimming! Oh and if you could put my Grandad Les Smith on your suit that would be lovely xx

    • Thanks so much George. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and every penny goes straight to Cancer Research UK.

      Will happily add your Grandad to the costume. I’ll be wearing it with pride!

      To clarify for others, the ‘Solo’ challenge George has set me for additional sponsorship is to complete my Solo swim without a support swimmer (apart from the last dash to the beach).

      Thanks George!

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