The Team

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my friends, family and everyone who is part of my ‘Channel Team’ for all their support. This challenge would not be possible on my own! 

I need to particularly thank those friends and family who are supporting me with my sacrifice of not being able to spend time with you, as I would like. Training is a huge commitment and leaves me with very little (and often no) free time at all.  I really do appreciate your understanding, share your frustration, and will make it up to you all post swim 🙂

While this is a ‘Solo’ swim it would not be possible without everyone who is supporting me.  I will not be the only one making sacrifices and working hard in preparation, and I would like to apologise now for the fact I will not be as available until after the swim as I would like to be for everyone!

So… In no particular order, here are the wonderful people supporting me with my training and the swim itself:

Pilot: Eric Hartley – Pathfinder

uswimlogo 542751_527305840633693_1369247601_n








Coach: Dave Quartermain at Uswimopenwater

Physios: Paul Savage and Ritchie Barber

Sports Massage: Vicky








Training sessions and coaching support: Manchester Triathlon Club

Tony Jolly, Nick Thomas, Rob Bridges, Viki Wade, Edwin Lace and all the wonderful friends I have made there!

Last but not least my Crew for the swim itself

This is a tricky one. As the date for my swim is not definite and cannot be predicted more than 12 hours in advance I, and my crew, will need to be flexible about who is on the boat and what their roles will be. However, the plan so far is:








Support swimmer: Jenny Zwijnen










Feed Master!!: Neil Morton








Lead Crew Member: Social media: Llyr Hughes










Photography & Filming: Lisa Stansbie

Standby / Support Crew:

Lizzie Dunn, Ian Gretton, Sara Greenwood, Michelle Sharples, Catie Smith, Claire Bennison, Chris Moulder, Dave Quartermain, Peter Woodward and many others from my wonderful Open Water Family who have been so generous with their time, thoughts, experience, advice and smiles 🙂


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